How to Find Your Ideal Customers Online

Close your eyes. Now imagine your ideal customer. What do they look like? What is their profession? What activities do they enjoy in their spare time? Do your target customers have a certain demographic or psychographic? If you sell to other companies, what’s their average revenue or size? If nothing comes to mind, you may need to spend more time thinking about it. Not many companies can afford to target everyone. A clearly defined target audience can make it easier to market your company. Here are some tips any business owner can use to define your target market.

Survey Your Current Customers

One of the easiest ways to learn more about your target demographic is to survey current customers. After all, who better to ask than people who already use your products and services. Who buys from you the most frequently? Why do they buy from you and not a competitor? When you get the results back, review them and look for certain similarities.

Think About Your Company’s Products and Services

Make a list of every product and service your company offers. What do customers gain from using them? Next, make a list of different customers and markets who can benefit from your products and services. Now, think about who’s most likely to purchase it. What are their specific demographics? Do they live in a certain area? Or maybe they’re a certain age. What are their psychographics? Do they have a certain personality or attitude towards your industry? Which features are most appealing to your target market?

Conduct Research on Your Target Market

When you have a better idea of your company’s target market, you can do research to gather more information. For example, you can look up different studies and other types of data to gain additional insight.

Now that you’ve defined your target market you can decide what are the best ways to reach them. This also can help you save money and develop content that directly appeals to them.